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Thread: something strange....

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    something strange....

    hey all,
    when i run top i get a segfault. i run top frequently and i have no idea of what has changed, it just started tonight...

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    Re: something strange....

    Sounds like you have an error or a problem somewhere. HTH

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    Re: something strange....

    hmm, maybe you have been infected with a rootkit .. cause top would be a prefered target..

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    Re: something strange....

    Thanks for the checkroot kit - i have been thinking i shoud have somthing like this! I replaced the file with an original one - i'll check out it out

    okay cool - it does not look like i was rooted, still strange...

    i did run top while i was running a java app and mozilla was loading some heavy java page and my whole machine became sluggish....

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