There are a few new graphics-based BSD's which have come out, based on Free-BSD. However, considering that they are newly developed, most of them are still not ready for prime-time.

They have errors, polishing that's not yet completed, and missing features which are still not yet implemented. Now, if there is one Free-BSD based OS that had a long and good run-time, and was well developed, do you think that it would be worth-while to bring it back. After all most of the work has already been done. And updating it can be done using the Free-BSD repositories.

What I'm talking about is Desktop BSD. It's in the archives because it's developer just gave up maintaining it. It is still available in the archives of Distrowatch. Better grab it before Distrowatch decides to purge their archives! If you're a developer, this OS is worthwhile taking a look into it. It would be sad to just let a well thought out distro, just die of neglect. Any takers?