Well after a few months migrating the site to a server at GoDaddy, I decided to move back to my old hosting provider.

GoDaddy's mail relay server is on too many SPAM lists and emails for new registrations were not going out. They also only allowed emails to be sent from domains whose mail servers they hosted. As LinuxHomeNetworking.com wasn't using their mail servers it added to my problems.

The virtual server was also occasionally slow and they didn't allow me to use memcache to speed things up. I guess they didn't want me to hog all the memory for other virtual server users.

In frustration I decided to upgrade my old servers (Dell 2650s with 1.5GB RAM) to Fedora 14 in preparation for the return them to faithful service. No luck. FC14 just wouldn't install. I went to the local PC store bought the cheapest home PC, stuck 6GB of RAM in it and now it is the new LHN web server! 64bits, dual core baby! This should last me at least another 8 years!

The search bots aren't slowing things down like they used to, and memcache is behaving itself.

I had hoped GoDaddy would allow me to host without having to rely on a colocation data center with my servers. The job market often requires you to move and having the servers more "cloudy" and virtual was tempting.

Back to the drawing board.