I'm following LHN howto=Chpt 10 with fc13 and everything worked up to the point that I could browse to swat on http. Then I started "Encrypting SWAT".
useradd stunnel
make stunnel.pem (had to change to the directory /etc/pki/tls/certs for this to work)
changed the permissions as directed
/etc/stunnel/stunnel.conf changed the location of the key and cert file (which on my system /etc/pki/tls/certs/stunnel.pem).
/etc/xinetd.d/swat-stunnel to match the example and ensured disable was off in swat-stunnel and on in swat.
Added "swat-stunnel 902/tcp ..." to /etc/services.
smb nmb xinetd are running and started stunnel
firewall is aware of samba
port 901 and 902 are set for tcp (my terminology may be off).
"netstat -an -t |grep 901" shows 901 listening but no response for 902 (I think herein lies my problem)
"netstat -an" alone shows neither 901 or 902.
1. ...xinetd.d)# netstat -an does not show or as listening ( it does on another network set up the same???)
2. Using a browser for swat I cannot get to swat but get a "Problem loading; The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading" page whether I use http: or https: and whether I use localhost or (both of which are in the "only from" line in the configuration files).
3. When I reboot and come to the login page, stunnel is listed as a user, is this good for security? Doesn't seem so to me and I'm wondering how to get it to not show there.

I returned to the tutorial and undid the encryption portion of swat as follows:
set swat to disable = no and swat-stunnel to disable = yes
changed /etc/services #swat-stunnel...
changed /etc/rc.local #/usr/bin/stunnel
chkconfig smb swat xinetd on
pkill stunnel
service smb nmb xinetd swat restart
And everrything works fine. I can access swat from a browser using http://localhost:901
So this tells me that I have something configured wrong in the swat-stunnel process. I have been through the tutorial 4-5 times and rechecked my work and cannot find the problem. I have googled, searched this and several other fora, been to samba and read many tutorials on samba and swat but cannot figure where I'm off. Anybody have experience or suggestions?