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Thread: Squid Proxy Server Question(s)

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    Squid Proxy Server Question(s)

    Good afternoon,

    I installed Squid3 and dansguardian in order to limit access to, shall we say, less desirable websites. Everything works well except for one small glitch. Whenever I turn my computer on, Ubuntu Lucid boots up, Squid and dansguardian start up just fine, then the computer connects to the wireless network. When I start a browser (Firefox), it can't access any sites outside of the local network unless I fire up a terminal and restart Squid.

    Question 1: why is this happening? I'm assuming that if the wireless connection started before Squid then everything would be fine.

    Question 2: what can I do to make it such that my computer and proxy connect to the wireless router/internet without me having to restart squid?

    Thanks in advance...cheers!
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    If you feel so then stop the squid using
    chkconfing squid off
    then your wireless network might get started when the system boots. Now add a entry to start the squid in

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