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Thread: *partial* connectivity, but no web!

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    *partial* connectivity, but no web!

    I am new to this site, but am hunting for the forum with the people who can help me. :-)
    I installed PCLinuxOS 2010 KDE, to hopefully replace the 2009 version I am already running.
    The old system is fine, I am using it at this moment to type to you.
    The new system is NOT fine, as follows (in no particular order):
    1) I can ping my ADSL router, but cannot open its http interface in a browser.
    2) I can ping around the world, by either IP or DNS name.
    3) I successfully opened an XIrc chat window, and used Bitorrent to open
    a torrent file and begin a download.
    4) I can NOT get Synaptic package manager to download repository listings, it hangs waiting for a connection.
    5) I can NOT get a web browser to connect to a website (problem occurs in both Firefox and Konqueror), they sit and say "waiting for ...". This is the same when I specify an IP address or a DNS name.
    6) When I used ftp:// to try to contact my ADSL router by IP number, I was prompted for a password, showing that communication is possible, even though I get no response when I try http.
    7) There was one web site that worked!

    None of the problems that I had in the 2010 version occur in my old 2009 system. A simple reboot gets me full use the Internet. In searching for advice on networking problems I found an article on this site g which said that networking problems are usually either slow response times from the remote server, or a complete lack of connectivity. As you see, I have neither. I have *partial* connectivity.

    Any idea why? and what I can do to fix it?
    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I'm experiencing the same kind of issues from a staging WIFI driver, have you tried to make a continues connection to somewhere to see if it'll stabelize any further request ?

    Meaning like, create a ssh connection to somewhere, and keep that up, I found the continues package exchange throgh that conection would level out the problems I had with new connections.
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    Is there a resolv.conf file? Anything in it or is it empty?

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    Yes, it just has 2 name server records for the DNS I use, OpenDNS. ( and


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