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Thread: IBM AIX + Putty problem

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    IBM AIX + Putty problem

    I'm not exactly sure where my problem is. I use putty to connect to various spots and haven't had many issues like this before.

    I'm connecting to an IBM AIX box via Putty Telnet.

    Using the "default" settings... most of the extended keys (insert, delete, home, arrows, keypad, etc) don't work like "normal". I tried a different Telnet program (IVT VT220) and had the same experience.

    I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find some good advice on how to adjust AIX or Putty to act "normally" (up arrow goes thru history, left/right arrows go... well... left/right... delete works... etc)

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    This would be due to the korn shell and not AIX. Try using bash under AIX, or what I do is run "set -o vi", then use keys just as you would in vi for navigation on the CLI.

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