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Thread: Suggestion: Minor Forums

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    Suggestion: Minor Forums

    While Security falls into the Networking section it seems, is there a reason we can't have a general security forum? I'm always watching 0day exploits, and would have no issue posting such. Having such will also contribute to search engine results, just from the lack of such.

    Also, what about a general programming forum, (specific to BASH scripting, Python, PHP, Ruby...).

    On top of all of that, am I missing it, or can you no longer see who's online? EDIT: Nevermind, found it in the quick links. :P
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    I'm up for a programming forum, I know I would be a frequent vsitor there...
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    I'll add both later today. Lovechild had a great dislike for sub forums, so I had disabled them. The problem with having a lot of top level forums is that the likelihood of having forums with few posts is much greater.

    I'll apply a filter for "programming", "scripts", "security" and "firewall" and move the posts around to fill things in.

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    Neither would really need subforums to be completely honest. Well, Security would (news, and help). As for Programming, we definitely don't want subforums, at least not like BASH, PHP, RUBY, C/C++, etc. I would gauge the reaction of the forum before seeing if we need to split everything up.
    arrogance breeds ignorance

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