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    Hi, I am trying to install Wine on Red Hat 7.2. While trying to install the rpm I get the following error:

    failed dependencies:
    cups-libs >= 1.1.12 is needed by wine-20020312-1 is needed by wine-20020312-1

    Is there something I need to download first to install Wine? if so, what and where is it?

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    Re: Wine

    you need cups-libs

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    Re: Wine

    You can download the cups-libs from the Red Hat site or or any source that offer Opensource software downoads.

    Or since you are using Red Hat 7.2, you can also set up Red Hat network and use update agent. It's in system area from the menu bar. First configure Update Agent configuration and then you can use Update Agent. It's free for home users with a single computer but limited access at times when their network is busy.

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