hey everyone!!!!
well i have got a problem with connecting to a mysql database using php. I used this package "mysql-noinstall-5.1.44-win32.zip" and extracted it to c:\mysql and added c:\mysql\bin to the PATH variable and used the following command in command prompt to start mysql:
c:\mysql\bin\mysqld --standalone
well mysql did start and everything went well accessing mysql in command prompt. Well under the database "mysql" in the table "user" i created a new user "php" with a password="****" and hostname = "localhost" but when i try to access this database with a following php routine:

$username = "php";
$password = "****";
$hostname = "localhost";
echo $hostname;
$connection = mysql_connect($hostname, $username, $password) or die("Unable to connect to MySQL");
echo "Connected to MySQL";

and when i accesses it with my browser using localtost/test.php, all i get is "localhost" displayed on screen, "Connected to mysql" never gets displayed not i get any error..
note: i am using windows 7(32-bit-ultimate)and mysql 5.1.44.
any help will be appreciated....thxxx