hey everyone !!!!!
I have configured apache 2.2 on my machine and been trying to access it through internet(using public ip)...
I have got a "shiro router" and forwarded the port 80 on it, and tried to access the server using "w**.my_public_ip:80", but all thats appearing is the router's configuration page(the same one that appears on
Since the above method didn't work so i decided to forward a different port (port:200) and changed the listen port to "200" in httpd conf file, after which i was able to access the server using "w**.my_local_ip:200", but again no success with the public ip, it now says "unable to connect".

note:alongwith ip forwarding i have made the following two changes (and i have no idea what these two settings are for =P)
1)allow incoming ping
2)DMZ (demilitarized zone)
both these were disabled before... and yeh my router is NAT enabled....