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Thread: FTP from a student dorm LAN/WAN/INTERNET

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    FTP from a student dorm LAN/WAN/INTERNET

    Hi everyone,

    I'm currently living in a student dorm. I'm trying to setup an FTP server and allow my friends to access it from the internet (we are working on projects together). I have bought a Network Storage Router that has FTP server for USB HDD built in.

    From searching through the internet, I have done all the steps required:
    1) partition the USB and make filesystems on it;
    2) create FTP shares using the routers http interface and creating users ;
    3) add the users for certain shares;
    4) forward the port 21 on the router's local IP;
    (this is probably not necessary: see 5)
    5) forwart ports from 1024 to 1224 for active ftp;
    (i think this is not necessary because the FTP server is running directly on the router)
    6) get the WAN/Internet IP

    Since I'm in a student dorm, when I try to find out my Internet IP adress, I get the addres s of a proxy server I'm connected to. Otherwise, I've been given a static IP address within a part of the local student network (It's not WAN), like from to, these IP addresses I can use. I have set up my router to use static IP and given him the address. I surf normaly, and I have tested the FTP server on my LAN, connecting to it using the preset accounts of my friends (that are to use it over Internet). What should I do to get this FTP server to be found from the outside?

    One of my friends who's here in the dorm tried to access the FTP via firefox using the static IP of the router on the "outside" local dorm LAN and it worked perfectly. How do I break through to the Internet?

    Thank you

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    When I was in your shoes my situation was one where only certain ports would nat from the external router. You might have to explore that, and then perhaps run your FTP server off of one of those ports. Personally, I would suggest you use SSH and not FTP. Running FTP on a non-standard port to circumvent controls could lead to problems.

    How are you determining your source IP address is that of the proxy server? I'd suggest using something like traceroute or maybe even nmap to get a better idea of what you're working with.

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