Since this is Linux site, I assume that the Windows users (of which I am one and have been since Windows 3.0) are interested in the LInux operating system as well. I have now begun to help my clients move from Windows to Linux via the very nicely capable "dual-boot" process that Linux supports in the LiveCD installation methods.

I carry with me a CD, DVD, and USB with various Linux installations so when I arrive at a potential Linux user's desktop, I can show them the advantages of Linux without disturbing their Windows installation at all. When they use Linux for a couple of hours, days, or week, I usually get a call to take the next step which is the "dual-boot" option.

They are hooked at this point. Linux has finally arrived, in my humble opinion, to a point of maturity that it can finally compete with Windows 7 given the significant hardware requirements of Win7. I have installed Linux distros on machines sporting only 486, 256Mb RAM, and 3 GBytes HDD space. I call this "Windows Recycling."

Will be back often. Good luck, all.

Paul Nanouk (nanouk)
UCB/BSD ancillary development member from the late 1970' early 1980's at UC Berkeley. ;-)