After hitting up the OpenSuSE forum for help and a favorite forum that helps sometimes, I have decided to stop and try here and see if there is anyone that can help.

(Guess I can't post the link yet - Look up Perfect Server OpenSuse 11.2 ISPconfig 3 )

There is the guide I have been following. I am a novie linux / unix user. There are a few problems with this guide. One, I have a 32 bit system ( not 64 ) and I don't really need ISPconfig. I just would like to host a webpage or two, my own mail server and maybe in the near future, a private shoutcast server and IRC.

Yes, I have a static IP adress block ( leased from my ISP ) and with that, I am allowed to have a web server and mail server ( just in case someone mentions it )

First problem : Page 3 of Guide, #6 ( 6 Journaled Quota )
# 6 - I figured out how to open the file to edit ... but it doesn't seem to allow me to type anything.
I don't even know how to save / exit.

( Somehow on my first attempt at setting this all up - I did figure it out but now I don't know what I did )

Anyway, my next problem is on the next page ...

It asks me to get files Getmail and Maildrop. Maildrop seems to be for 64 bit, which again, I don't have on my system. ( And in any case - it seems the files don't exist at the address given )

As I poked through the guide - I just am more confused.

Can someone guide me to setting up a web server and mail server? I have static IP ( as I pointed out ) and a domain currently pointing to the IP address on the server. Also, is there a free panel ( like Cpanel ) that I could get.

My friend and I are familiar with Cpanel when it comes to setting up a website, so this is all new to us. Also some web client for e-mail setup / access would be nice too.

Thank you in advance.