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    hey everyone!!!
    i am about to follow a simple "how to" to install a web server on a linux machine with all the default settings(i.e no conf file is being edited (httpd.conf etc))......
    here are a set of few questions i would like to know regarding such a web server:
    (1) at which ip can i access this server on lan???
    (2) can i access this server (with the ip addr frm ques 1) from anywhere using internet??
    (3)can i assign a proper hostname(like h**p:\\w** to access this server from anywhere using internet??if yes then do i need some DNS configuration ???


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    sorry my mistake ...
    heres a little amendment in ques 2:
    (2) can i access this server (using my public ip) from anywhere using internet??

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    Welcome to the boards first off aimseeker. Here's to hoping your not a bot!

    1. On the LAN, you can use the internal IP assigned by the DHCP server (run ifconfig from a terminal to determine this) or if you are on the machine where you are install the web server just use 'localhost' in the address.

    2. No, that is the internal address. You will need to determine your external IP by going to a website such as Now remember, if your ISP is doing DHCP (most are, unless you are paying for a static IP) you will need to find out what you IP is everytime you want to access your web server externally.

    3. You will absolutely need DNS to access the server with a FQDN. I recommend
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