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Thread: Compiling mozilla.

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    Compiling mozilla.

    I think it adds a great amount of speed to it rather than use the 386 optimised binaries.

    However, I followed the build instructions and there are two ways: One full build and one package build.

    Both ways give you a stand alone version of mozilla (i.e run from within using own environment (libs etc)).

    But how can I install it then for all users (like the rpm installs)?
    The package build is great as it makes a tarball identical to the one available at the mozilla site for download. Now how do I "install" this tarball to the system (i.e libs and binaries to their /usr tree)?


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    Re: Compiling mozilla.

    hi otheos!
    *if* i understnad you correctly you wnat what do, put the compiled mozilla in /usr/local/mozilla and link the binaries into /usr/local/bin/

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    Re: Compiling mozilla.

    Have you actually done this?

    If I do, and then type /usr/bin/mozilla (or wherever the links are) it just does nothing (returns).

    if I mv the complete built to /usr/lib/mozilla (where the original was - or where the rpm installs) I can only start mozilla from there. I here you saying: "so what's the big deal?" Well galeon won't see mozilla, and if I

    setenv MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME /usr/lib/mozilla

    and then try to start galeon it segfaults.


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    Re: Compiling mozilla.

    Ralinx did an exellent PET on this, try looking it up in the Plain English Tutorials section, I think it's under compiling.

    This gives you a package with Mozilla in tar.gz format which just needs to be unpacked into /usr/local/
    and run as root the first time (afterwards, normal users can use this moz. install to)

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    Re: Compiling mozilla.

    i will say i have not run galeon w/o the rpms, which does not bother me because i just mozilla, i am thinking i have /usr/local/mozilla/ (or somthingsimilar).... in my path.

    oh yea - there is a good PET on this (thanks LoveChild)

    and oh yea - I have done this

    Hi Othoes, I invoke it directly from /usr/local/mozilla
    here is my fvwm entry:
    + "Mozilla" exec /usr/local/mozilla/mozilla &

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