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Thread: Flamebait: Distro of choice

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    Flamebait: Distro of choice

    It's been awhile... what's everyone using ?

    I'm using:

    On Desktop:
    LFS 3.1 with KDE3.0 Beta 2

    On Laptop
    Windows 98SE (only to use TV-Out) / RedHat 7.2, Gnome 1.4
    Lappy will be Gentoo soon I hope.

    On OggBoxen
    None... No HD at the moment, no time to hack it.

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    Re: Flamebait: Distro of choice

    I installed FreeBSD 4.5 last weekend, looks good.

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    Re: Flamebait: Distro of choice

    Mandrake. I've been using 'Drake since 7.2, and now have 8.1 on this machine. I find Mandrake to be just what I want- easy and usable out of the box with minimal fooling around. The typical standard edition comes with everything I want, and I don't have to fool around with down loading other software. It takes me less than an hour to install and configure Mandrake with my prefered window manager and apps and be completely working and ready.

    I would never claim that Mandrake is "the best" or any such nonsense, but for me, an old Mac-Head, who was dragged, kicking and screeming into the Windoze world and then snuck out the back when Bill wasn't looking, Mandrake is unbeatable.

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    Re: Flamebait: Distro of choice

    You are all idiots! DEBIAN IS TEH ONLY DISTRO!!!!!!!111


    (hey, it said flamebait ;D)

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    Re: Flamebait: Distro of choice

    real men use slackware ..

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    Re: Flamebait: Distro of choice

    Main workstation (yoda) LFS/Fluxbox

    Web/Mail/FTP server (anakin) Red Hat 7.2 (no X)

    Console Laptop (greedo) Red Hat 7.2 / Fluxbox

    Work Laptop (han-solo) Win2k / Serenade (soon to be redhat 7.2 with xp pro in vmware)

    DNS/NFS server (obi-wan) Solaris 8 / no X (sparc 20)

    The Woman's workstation (princess) Win98se

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    Re: Flamebait: Distro of choice

    Debain (Woody) and RedHat - Redhat on my big machine,
    the wifes machine and debain as the web/samba/when i feel like using debian machine.

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    Re: Flamebait: Distro of choice

    Work: W2k on workstation. NT/2000 and Netware 5.0/5.1 on servers
    Home: WXP/Slackware 8 with KDE.

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    Re: Flamebait: Distro of choice

    OpenBSD 3.0/Red Hat/Darkfire on main box
    Slackware 8.0 on slower box

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    Re: Flamebait: Distro of choice

    Slackware 8.0 on both boxes with Icewm

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