I read a blog post by Steven J. Vaugh about Ubuntu including the LikewiseOpen package to easily integrate a Linux system into an Active Directory domain, and after a bit of research I am intrigued.

I have integrated my Ubuntu servers into the AD domain via winbindd and Kerberos, but it was cumbersome and took time to setup properly. After reading about the LikewiseOpen offering I am hopeful that there might finally be an easy and integrated way to do this in one fell-swoop.

I am going to try integrating this on a test machine running Ubuntu 8.04.3 LTS this week and see for myself on how 'easy' installing and running this package REALLY is. All my servers run headless so all configuration will be via CLI. If everything goes well I will try installing and configuring on my laptop with the GUI.

It should be interesting to say the least. If anyone has any experience with running LikewiseOpen let me know in this thread, I am interested in your experience/advice.

More to come..