I'm completely stumped. Here's the issue. I have a Gentoo server running Apache and BIND v9.x. I have two NIC's, one for my public address, a bridged connection with a static IP, and one for the local network. BIND is working on the internal network ( just fine. So is Apache. I have configured iptables to allow udp/tcp traffic on port 53, and BIND is listening on all interfaces on port 53. I can telnet to port 53 over the internet just fine, and the connection shows up in netstat's output on the server (netstat ran via ssh). I can even see that port 53 is open when I NMAP the public IP. The public view in the BIND config seems to be working just fine if I query from the localhost (via ssh). But if I use nslookup, or dig and use the public IP as the nameserver, the connection times out and the reply is "no servers could be reached". HELP!?