Hi, I'm new here. I'm not a complete Linux newbie, maybe more of a novice. Here is what I have. I have a server running WhiteBox Linux with Apachie on a static IP T1 line. I have a home network at another location using DSL with dynamic IP. I would like to share files from my XP Pro home PC to my server. I guess I would like to map a folder from my home XP machine to the Linux server.
My home PC runs a program and generates images and saves them to the hard drive (of my home PC). I want to access those images from my web server, without having to FTP them all the time.
I think I will need to use VPN and maybe Openswan and Samba. Before I spend hours trying to figure it out, I thought I would ask if this was even possible!
Sorry for the long post, but tried to get all the info in. I'm sure I probably left out some important part :-)