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Thread: backup script

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    cheers for help

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    when I backup my Linux install, I just tar the directories I need and then transfer them off the computer using the network/usb/disc
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    Beez, that was my first backup proceedures, but you end up with a lot of duplicated files that are the same throughout. The main benefit of sbackup was the ability to do incremental backups, that way only the changed files are backed-up. It can get a little messy if you are backing up your home directory with all the hidden directories, it ends up being a huge file structure, but very few actual file backed up.

    The script berto inserted above does to incremental backups but it depends on pax to do the file copies. This is fine, but not included in most standard installs. SBbackup really only depends on python, but DOES depend on GVFS..so KDE/Fluxbox/etc. will have to install this dependency.
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