I donít do this often, but I HAVE to recommend DigiCert.com if you need an SSL certificate.

First thing that caught my eye, price, they are directly comparable to GeoTrust. I used to get my certs from GeoTrust because I thought they were the cheapest, I know GoDaddy is the cheapest but I really donít like them. Their advertising is trashy and their site is littered with up-sell, I donít use them unless I have to.

Second thing that impressed me was the breadth of the tutorials that their site has for certificate related actions. Installation, removal, backup, update on every type of server software I have ever heard of. Video tutorials too, top-notch really.

Third, about 5 minutes after I ordered the certificate I got a phone call from a human being verifying that I did indeed order the certificate and if I had any questions on installing it. No up-sales, just proactive support, this is rare anymore.

Fourth and final, The administrative panel to manage my certs is super easy to use. It does only what you need and does it well.