Hey folks,

Guv here from Guvnr.com.

Can't believe I didn't come across LHN before. Have been dotting i's and crossing t's at the sheer comprehensive brilliance that is this site's networking guide, wanted to say thank you somewhere and then found this forum with 130k's ... so that's a lot of hellos.

I've been buggering up pc's for years but only made the break to Linux a couple of years ago, and properly more recently when I made the break for an unmanaged VPS .. I was so impressed with my shiny new Nginx box that I blogged the process in noob-speak, and hopefully that's handy to some, easily Googled...

Set up an Unmanaged VPS for Newbies - The VPS Bible

(... I am always grateful for feedback and suggestions as this is a kind of living animal, not something written/forgotten.)

Since then I've written an intensive Karmic setup guide, encouraging terminal use, and am currently writing a bunch of proxy guides, again all with a newbie slant.

... I guess my small contribution to opensource, having been helped myself *so much* over the years by onliners, is to help wean people off proprietary using simple language, which generally is all I am capable of anyhow.

Tx again .. I've not explored far here yet but, Christmas came early, that network guide alone is an absolute corker.