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    sameface Banned

    It looks as if sameface was trolling the web for forum posts and creating duplicate posts in threads on this forum. Some of them going back to 2004.

    He / she also realized that the forum has a nofollow on signature URLs, but doesn't have a nofollow on links in posts. He / she was ending each post with a URL to mutuellefamiliale.org in what looked like a signature, but was in fact part of the post.

    sameface is now banned and all their posts removed. It may create some odd threads, but I think it is best to discourage this type of behavior.

    I have a 2 GB Transcend Pen Drive, I cannot format it successfully because at the end of format it shows window cannt format the drive completely. I tried it in both Fat & Fat32 system but the result showing the same. Please do advice.
    I am using Windows 98 and IE5.0. When I click to run IE, message says "Please check your content advisor settings for missing information" and I will be unable to connect to any site. When I go to Tools, Internet Options, Content and click at settings, I am prompt for the supervisor password - and I do not know the password.
    Well downloading speed and uploading speed is 1/8th of net speeed u are usiing. If u really want to check the best software is netlimitter
    There are loads of entries like this:
    07 September 2004 18:20:12 Unrecognized access from 61.150.xx.y:zzzzz to TCP
    port 21
    07 September 2004 18:21:17 Unrecognized access from 82.120.xxx.yyy:zzzz to
    UDP port 1680
    Spam from IP addresses and in Vietnam.
    The nofollow attribute has been added to all URLs on the forum.
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