I have reactivated Google Ads on the forums as there were before, but they are not visible to registered users. I think this will make it much more appealing to the members who have in the past mentioned that the ads were a distraction. Fortunately the new version of vbulletin allows this to be done much more easily than the previous one.

I have also added a right hand column on the forum home page with the most recently created threads. They are available in the RSS feed, http://www.linuxhomenetworking.com/f....php?type=RSS2, but I thought it would be a nice addition for convenience. There is the option for listing the most replied and most viewed threads, but that would most likely show the word game threads.

If there are any other features you'd like to see that you have seen on other forums, let me know. I have a great preference in using the default features of vbulletin as it makes maintenance much easier with each upgrade.