Hey guys! I am a long time supporter of debian based distros thanks to their great package manager (apt-get). I very rarely try non debian based distros, but I decided to give Sabayon Linux a go, after reading many positive reviews of it, and it turns out to be a great little distro. I am impressed with the automatically installed GPU drivers (ati/nvidia supported out of the box), all codecs including flash and dvd installed straight away, and the ability to choose from a KDE or a Gnome installation. It seems very fast, and boots up on my aging Athlon 64 x2 3800+ with 2gb of ram in mere seconds, which is something that I am not used to with some other distros cough, Fedora...).

Some Nice Touches:
- OMFG my wireless worked from the get go!
- No installation of Nvidia or ATI drivers necessary, it's already done!
- A good set of necessary packages installed by default while minimizing bloat.
- Easy to use and clean interface. Nice to see extra themes installed by default for the tinkerers.

Some little quibbles though:
- installing packages is a pain in the butt because it updates all available packages before it downloads the package you want. Eg: I had to download 500mb of packages before I could install Sylpheed!
- AmaroK has really changed since the versions I used to use, and I would say for the worse! The UI is utterly confusing, and I actually had to install Banshee for decent music organisation! Not Sabayons fault, but a real disappointment, I used to love AmaroK.
- My dual monitors are giving me headaches, but again, probably more of ATI's problem, and not Sabayon.

I thoroughly recommend people to try this distro, it seems to be very functional and fast with very little modification after the install on my system. If you are looking for something different, then give it a go, and let me know how you went