Hey all. I currently work in a small business with 4 computers that are all running windows xp (eww i know) and myob for the shop front. Even though I have locked out access to Internet Explorer and MSN Messenger, we still seem to get viruses at an extraordinary rate. We use Firefox for web browsing, and Pidgin for windows for communications between our stores. We do our windows update constantly, and do regular back ups for when a problem arises, but I can't seem to stop these damn viruses and spyware from entering our network. We originally had Norton, which worked fairly well (but still let viruses through) but slowed the computers to a crawl. We then moved to Avast when our subscription was up, and it was nice and lightweight but the viruses were still a problem. We are now using Panda Cloud Antivirus, which is almost completely useless, it just doesnt detect anything it seems.

I know there are firewall distributions for Linux (such as Smoothwall), and I was wondering if anyone had any experience, or knew of something like that, but deals with virus detection? I realise its hard to explain, but is there some distro that I can have on a server, that can analyse and stop viruses before they enter our network? We already have a firewall, so smoothwall is not needed, but does such a thing exist?

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. I would love to have our computers running something like Linux, but the others I work with are totally computer illiterate, so its good ol' windoze for the moment