Hi everyone.
I need some comment on Debian.

I have using Fedora since FC2, and have always loved Linux. Recently I installed Ubuntu Jaunty (and later Karmic) and was surprised by the fast response of it. So I am almost migrating from Fedora to Ubuntu.
But I have a problem with Ubuntu:
Since the Ubuntu installation media contains only the base packages (unlike Fedora) and I don't have access to high-speed Internet, I cannot update the packages I need. I know Ubuntu is based on Debian, and also know that Debian comes in 5 DVDs.
I need some comment on Debian:
How responsive is it? Is it like Ubuntu?
Is it as user friendly as Ubuntu?

Main areas I use Linux are:
Programming (C++, Java and some PHP).
Using NS2.

I also need good multimedia support.

What is your idea about Debian?