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Thread: Hardware Sites

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    Hardware Sites

    Part 2

    Which sites are the most dependable for purchasing computer parts over the web ?

    pricewatch ?
    pcchips ?
    newegg ?
    microExhange ?
    Computer Geeks ?

    coltrane requires an upgrade and I still need to build miles

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    Re: Hardware Sites


    [edit] Whoops, didn't read the question right. I'm a bit tired atm.

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    Re: Hardware Sites

    Newegg is probably the most popular site among hardware geeks. Pricewatch allows you to find to lowest prices by searching various sites, what you want to do say if you search for "Linksys Befsr41" on pricewatch. Look at the prices (note make sure on pricewatch, that the price in the column reflects the item you searched for and not an accessory, like in this case it would start with NIC's that work with the befsr41).. Then look on the right column to see what website is offering the deal. Use if you aren't sure about a company. Also, check's priceguides and resellerarratings.
    Here's a few I use.
    Also, check out the forums at and , sites like that, to see what everyone likes.. good luck, have phun! ..

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    Re: Hardware Sites

    anandtech, sharkyextreme, 64bits, sweclockers, overclockers,gtek
    these are the hw sites I check almost everyday

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    Re: Hardware Sites

    i use and trust computer depot =

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