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Intranet server
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Thread: Intranet server

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    Intranet server

    Hi everyone

    I am new here and recently got bitten by the Linux bug. Really like Fedora 11.

    I would like to set up a server that is basically for building and testing websites before uploading to host. I dont want to serve web pages to the world just my own home network with the potential to access the server over the internet restricted to me.

    Can anyone point me in the direction of any info on how to do this?

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    I love Fedora for this. Install Apache using the command

    yum install httpd
    Then put your web pages in /var/www/html

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    If you want a nice complete package, I suggest LAMPP, which is an all in one package of APACHE, PHP, MYSQL, etc. It will allow you to test sites nicely, and even use advanced scripting languages as you get more advanced

    I actually use it to host my own site, its very stable
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    Be that if you want your website to be private, you specify the server to listen only on localhost in your httpd.conf:
    Most likely, this won't be a problem since you are most likely behind router... but if you want to assure the server is only serving pages to itself, it is good practice.
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