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    Suse Commands

    Hi Everyone

    I am very new to linux and am trying to look at MRI data in text format - i have saved the files as text and just want to read the info in an array.

    I have used the command

    fid = fopen(1081AFLSTracts_FA.txt, r); [FA, count] = fscanf(fid, %f, inf);

    and the error bash: syntax error near unexpected token `('

    keeps appearing - any ideas why? the command was e-mailed to me, my knowledge really is very basic.

    I'd really appreciate any help

    thank you so much


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    Suse commands

    That is not a Bash command line. At best, it is part of a C program.

    If your data is truly a text file, you can get a first look at it by using a simple text viewer, such as "less".

    $ less 1081AFLSTracts_FA.txt

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