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Thread: recover vfat pictures

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    recover vfat pictures

    I've done some google work and I'm hoping someone can help me as I'm running out of options.
    Some friends of mine let their daughter play with their camera (uh-oh) and she deleted all the pictures off of their 512MB SD card AND took 153 more (oh no!).
    I've been trying to recover them with no luck. I've been attempting using fsck.vfat and photorec - are there any suggestions you might have? I know that with the size of the card and the amount of additional data written odds are low, but I have been able to barley recover anything at all. Any suggestions would be largely appreciated.

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    This is a long shot, but it might work. Several mobile phones have similar data leads that may fit, and if so you might be able to download their drag it off the camera programme. As obviously your photos are important, it may only be possible with Microsoft Windows.

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