I just finished reading the HOWTO for setting up a Cisco 800 series router (linuxhomenetworking.com/cisco-hn/dsl-router.htm); however, I was hoping the community could clarify something for me. I searched the forums, but could not find a solution.

What I have is Business DSL with 5 static IPs. I have a Motorola DSL modem that is currently in bridge mode; I would like to setup my Cisco 831 as the router (99.62.xx.46) to the Internet and then manually assign 2 other devices static IPs: a PIX 501 (99.62.xx.41) & a 506E (99.62.xx.42); both are patched into the 831s 4-port switch.

So my question is: how would I set this up? Do I assign one of the static IPs to E0 or E1 on the 831? Which devices will need to authenticate via PPPoE (all of 3 of just the 831)? Would I then be able to assign static IPs to the outside interfaces of the PIXs?

I appreciate any assistance this community can provide.