Okay through my goodness I am now hosting 3 full time muds plus my own. (MUD=Multi User Dungeon).

I run RH7.2 on a 41gig HD
ADSL 384/128 (Yeah I know!)

What I want to do is switch the hosted muds to another 2 gig drive (I just upgraded the wifes winblows machine).

1. How to install a drive that used to be the C: for windows as a second drive.
2. How do I set disk quotas for the admins of the muds
3. How do I move their stuff off my 41 gig and onto the 2 gig without screwing everything up.
4. How do I repoint their user dirs from /dev/hda to /dev/hdb?
5. How can I limit them to how much bandwidth they get with each port they have?
6. Final one now. Can this be done without moving my local users (3 of them)?

Thanks for helping me out. Now I have to learn the hard side of Linux ;D