Hi All Linux Guru's and linux lovers and all users who loves to live in linux world.Thanks to all for four great work and contributions for linux
and thanks to linuxhomenetworking.com for giving us such a wonderful platform.

Well now come to the point as we all know that fsck is used for file system check and for recovering file systems. We also know that if we want to run fsck on root partition then it should be in unmounted stated first (let me correct i am wrong). And we also know that fsck recovers file in steps and its around 5 or 6 steps that fsck uses to recover files.

We all have run fsck many times and uses it but still we most of us are not sure how fsck works. What are the steps that fsck uses to recover to file. How fsck recovers block , inodes.

So i really appreciate if someone explain all the working machinism of fsck. So here i want to discuss with all the linux lovers and experts about this. Please give your valuable advice and give your contribution so there there is no more confusion with working process of fsck.

Thanks a lot in advance...