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Thread: a firewall for small network

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    a firewall for small network


    i have a network of 20 computers

    we're currently looking for a good network solution

    i'm considering smoothwall and monowall i also came across this ideco gateway

    has anyone tried it?

    what else can you recommend

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    you can find many open source, you can use APF / CSf if it is a small network.

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    smoothwall is one that I have heard talked about a lot. Some of the magazines over here in Oz did a tutorial on how to set one up and it actually looks pretty decent (looks easy to set-up and administer). I haven't used it, but I am certainly going to try it out soon, I think my network needs some extra security. Keep us posted on your experiences!

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    Shorewall is pretty versatile and well documented and supported.

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    Right off the bat, I can think of 3 good gateway distributions:


    All three are good. I've tried all three. I never recommend any flavor of anything to people. I encourage them to try flavors on their own and make their own decisions. Besides the three I've listed above, there are many others, pfsense and Astaro, for instance. Your best bet would be to go to and search for gateway distros and read what they're designed to do, then pick from there. Give every one of them a trial run, unless one immediately catches your interest.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    I like pFsense the best I has more features and is easier to install then some other distros. Also check here for a complete list of open source Firewalls.

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