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    Question Sendmail/Spamassassin

    Hello all. I'm trying to find some good documentation on how to configure sendmail as a smarthost. I had this working a few months ago and some configurations ocurred which now, I can't remember what I did.

    The basic flow I am trying to establish is this: Mail comes in, hits my linux filtered...then gets dumped to my exchange box.

    When mail goes out, it goes to my linux box and forwards on to the destination. If it can scan as well for mail, I'd be content with that as well.

    Can someone help me find some lament/walkthrough info? I've googled, but I've got nothing yet.

    Many thanks to those that can help me with this...
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    You can find out how here:

    www linuxhomenetworking com / wiki / index.php
    / Quick_HOWTO_:_Ch21_:_Configuring_Linux_Mail_Server s

    It sure helped me.

    (i am new and it would not let me post links)

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