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Thread: updating package using rpm

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    updating package using rpm

    i am using rhel5. iwant to update gcc.since i don't have internet connction, i can't use yum.therefore i downloaded gcc with all its depaendencies and put them in one directory.but when i give..

    [root@testmachine gcc]# rpm -Uvh libgomp-4.3.2-7.el5.i386.rpm
    it says..
    error: Failed dependencies:
            libgomp = 4.1.1-52.el5 is needed by (installed) gcc-4.1.1-52.el5.i386
    i.e. the older package is used by another package(gcc-4.1.1-52.el5.i386),therefore the newer version can't be installed. can anybody suggest the solution.

    thanks in advance

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    I dont have any useful tips, but I totally understand, I never seem to be able to update GCC. Dependency nightmare

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