The first thing that I noticed was that it didn't recognize my laptop's mouse pad. No tapping, no scrolling. I was forced to use keyboard's up/dn keys. I also had to use the mousepad button.

I found that it worked fine with a CAT-5 cable for Ethernet networking. I then went to set it up for wireless networking. I found that there was no wireless networking applications in the Repositories, for an Atheros wireless card. I downloaded all applications that deal with the Atheros card. It didn't even have ndiswrapper in the repositories, and I had to go to, to download it. Anyways, none of those applications were installable, due to missing dependensies, or error messages that I couldn't understand. That was so much for wireless attempts.

I did like YUMEX. It is similar to Sabayon's download manager, and made installation of applications easy to accomplish.

At this point, my search for laptop friendly OS's continues. My criteria is that it should be simple to accomplish, without having to do contortions to get it to work. After spending several hours trying to get wireless working, I finally gave up. So my download of the latest version of Fedora has now joined the dust pile of collection of laptop unfriendly OS's. It is allright if someone wants to spend a lot of extra time setting it up for desktop usage. It takes no effort to make it work in an Ethernet environment.