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Thread: Compiling new Kernel

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    Compiling new Kernel

    Hi! Just for fun (and only for fun) I am trying to compile my first ever Linux kernel on my RH 7.2 machine. I'm using the 2.4.18 kernel, and everything went smoothly...I did make mrproper, make menuconfig, etc, etc. However, I am having some trouble near the end. The very last step is to install the new kernel with "make install". However, I think this assumed you are using lilo, because it gave me an error that I didn't have Lilo...which I don't - I'm currently using GRUB. Besides going back to LILO, is there a way around this? And because of such an error, it says "Kernel Panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 3:02" when I try to boot from this new kernel. I'm pretty sure I did everything else correctly including using mkinitrd to make the new image file and altering my grub.conf file. Thanks. (I'm still a newbie at this. )

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    Re: Compiling new Kernel

    make install assumes you are using lilo. What you probably want to do is put the kernel into /boot as vmlinuz-2.4.18 and edit your grub config acordingly. Just make sure you followed theses steps duiring the creation of your kernel:

    make mrproper
    make some-config-type
    make bzImage
    make modules
    make modules_install

    cp pathto/arch/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz-2.4.18

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    Re: Compiling new Kernel

    make menuconfig && make clean && make dep && make bzlilo && make modules && make modules_install && reboot

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    Re: Compiling new Kernel

    Could I also just get rid of my grub.conf file and start my own lilo.conf file in my /etc directory? That way make install should work without a hitch.

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    Re: Compiling new Kernel

    That would work. See if there is a /etc/lilo.conf file and if it has any data for you to start with. Otherwise you are going to have to make one by hand (IIRC -- linuxconf isnt in RH7.2, so a crummy GUI interface isnt there)

    I have been using grub and haven't had any issues thus far.

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