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Thread: Linux on Laptop

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    Linux on Laptop

    I had red hat linux on a laptop of mine but i took it off since the fan wasnt going on. I looked around in the prefs but couldnt find anything. Does anyone know how to fix this?
    If worst comes to worst, i got mandy which i also had on the same laptop that i think the fan did work on. However, the network pcmcia adapter netgear fa411 only has drivers for redhat on it. Is there anyway to get mandy drivers? or are redhat drivers just as compatible with mandy? i tried installing them before, but mandy was missing some directory.

    Thanks, Bobby

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    Re: Linux on Laptop

    have you looked up the Linux on Laptop project, to see if this is a known problem ?

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    Re: Linux on Laptop

    no...i never even heard of linux on a laptop project..

    I'll check

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    Re: Linux on Laptop

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