Hallo ,I am new in here so I try to present myself:
I am a collector of LinuxLinks and LinuxDistributions.
My special interest is german and italian how to and distributions.
I started Linuxing with Puppy and Knoppix and these are also the best documented distros at my homePage: (computerophil.at) where it is possible to find really old versions of both as well as different Derivates made from them.
I appreciate feedback to my homePage that shall be a help for newbies (even if I need a vocabulary to write and reed in english). Most contend is german just a little up to now is in english. I hope to be able to change that soon.
I use linux multiboot together with windows but i learned that the field of computing is very large so I am no expert at all.

There is nothing more to tell about me for the moment