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Thread: How to revert my file modes of /etc file system

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    Unhappy How to revert my file modes of /etc file system

    Hi all,
    I am using a centos 5.2 on my system and accidentally few days ago I have changed the permissions of the complete /etc file system to be 777. There on I have been facing many problems and have been solving step by step whenever I come across them.
    Now I have more problems (I am not able to start package manager, firewall configurator etc. throwing dialogue 'unknown error').
    I request the buzzs of this community to help me solve this issue so I can again use all the services of my os as they are...
    Million thanks in advance....

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    Linux is very unforgiving of mucked up systems files. At this point your best option is a reinstall. In the future don't log in as root. Log in as a standard user. if you really need to change a file as root use su. That will lesson the change of screwing up your system.

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