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Thread: using VNC in RHEL,centOS

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    Question using VNC in RHEL,centOS

    hi! Iam currntly using centOS 5.2 server. I have created 4 VM machines out of which two of the machines are in my desktop & two in my laptop. I wnt to configure VNCviewer so that I can axis every machine from a single VM. ur valueble guidence needed!!

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    u have to config vncserver that which machine u want to access

    vncviewer just a client

    u shold have the package vncserver installed

    run the command


    this will start the vnc server

    in addition u can change setting by editing ~/.vnc/xstartup

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    If all 4VMs are on the same network, you should be able to access them from another machine on the network. Also, have you looked at virtmanager?
    I'm not quite sure if it supports RHEL4, but it may be of interest to you.
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