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Thread: Second HD - Problems with

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    Second HD - Problems with

    I was ready to do a fresh install of MDK 8.2 so I changed my backup hard drive from FAT32 to ext2 format. I then backed up my /home file, then went in and checked out (at random) some files to make sure it backed up ok - it did. I then renamed (the backup) as /oldhome so there would no confusion. I then installed MDK 8.2 making sure the hdd hard drive was not touched. Now I am unable to access the drive. I went into /etc/fstab and made the appropriate entry, etc and the drive is now mounted but still no data. In the back of my mind there is something telling me another file has to be modified yet for the life of me I cannot remember what it is. Anyone know? Also what is the difference between hdd and hdd1? Is hdd1 the actual info itself inside hdd? Thanks for the help.

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    Re: Second HD - Problems with

    hdd1 is the first partition on hdd. where are both drives phyically located? e.g. hdd is the slave drive on the secondary controller, hda is the master on the primary controller.

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