Dear All,
I was asked to create and implement a method to change bandwidth of individual squid(linux based) user time to time using web page driven by perl or php script. In here admin should change bandwidth of each user time to time (some times 3 or 4 times per hour) to manage the office badwidth efficientely.
I have tought a way of doing this as follows.
Required acl lines that used for bandwidth manage (delay pools) are chosen from squid.conf file and update through perl script and restart squid process in each and every change that done by admin through web site.
If I do like above, is it work?(I think it is little bit slow.. because squid takes time to restart)... Is there any other way of doming this without directly editiong squid.conf file but by editing another file for delay pool acl that linked to squid.conf file(like dstdomain list) ...?
If not pls suggest a good way of doing this.
Thks and Rgds,