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Thread: Removing Fedora from PC

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    Removing Fedora from PC

    Hi Guys,

    i am sure you all love people like me..
    I dont know anything about linux and have a massive problem with it
    Here it is: I have dell PC which i got about 3 months ago.. ever since I am not able to use it. There is Windows XP on it but when i start it up this Fedora thing comes up. I dont need it and dont want it on my PC but I am unable to reboot from Windows xp CD or reset the PC to factory settings.
    Can you guys please help me with this issue? The fact is I am good with computers but have no clue about this linux thing at all.
    Thanks a mill.

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    ok here we go. If you are able to use the system with win XP then follow the steps,
    Note: be careful system may get corrupted
    Select control panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> storage -> remove the drive in which you have installed linux

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    The short answer is to delete the partitions on the disk that contain linux volumes.

    If windows is currently not installed, wipe that drive clean of partitions and let the windows installer do the dirty work.

    In any NT flavor of windows, using the disk management utility will allow for selection of specific partitions to delete. Mind you if you are using a bootloader other than the microsoft one, to reload the mbr and bootloader for xp (fixboot & fixmbr from the recovery console IIRC)

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