Hi all,

I'm trying to set up a web server which can be accessed via an attached wireless router/AP but wont be connected to the internet and I need advice on how to best do that - software, commands, hardware recommendations etc. I'm a relative newb to the linux and networking worlds.

The server will run a local version of software like wikipedia, wordpress, etc.

This is going on a tall ship so there's no wider internet available, just the one server. People on the ship should be able to access it with their laptops just like they would on any other network or website.

An added bonus would be a hot-spot style landing page.

I know it's probably dead easy, but all the tutorials I can find are for internet attached servers. Does anyone know a step-by-step for something like this, or can you hold my hand through it?

Thanks so much for your help!



  • (low end) Linux server with LAMP (email and other fancies not needed) - I'm running stock install of kubuntu right now.
  • Connected to a wireless router
  • users connect to wireless signal, type in http: //localhost/wikipedia (or something similar) which opens the locally hosted mediawiki software.
  • It needs to act as much like the real internet as possible so there is no learning curve for users.