Well, I've had a terrible time getting my printer working after I upgraded my to all the latest & greatest. Some details of the travail are here. While most of that is behind me, I still have one significant problem: I have Moneydance, a java app, that can't print. Since this is how all my bills are paid (and checks written), this is a major problem, but is (I think) a generic java printing problem.

I have tried from version Java-1.4 to Java-6 from Sun, java-6 from IBM (I heard IBM's printing was much more robust), can't download anything before java-6 from IBM (they seem to be having a server problem), openjdk-6, and The GNU Compiler Collection (gcj 4.3), all of them either do absolutely nothing, pop up a dialog that says something like java.xxx.awt PrinterIOException, or pop up a dialog that says "No printer service found".

I have also looked all over the web for this, and, except for a solution involving "mv /usr/lib/cups" and using different java runtimes, can't find a solution.

Does anyone have any insight into how to fix this, or a java package that prints?

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