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Thread: missing ppp module

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    missing ppp module

    Hey, one of the small minor details left on my firewall box, is that everytime I try to issue the command ifup ppp0, it comes back with the error " ppp faulted out with error code2" and Missing module ppp. Did I leave a package out when I was installing the system? I can connect with Kppp no problem. I tried an insmod and modprobe, but obviously the module is missing. I am using redhat 7.2. ???

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    Re: missing ppp module

    i am not at me linux box at the moment - anyway - what does modpobe -l | grep ppp give ya? if the ppp modules are there i would guess there is a missing package , have ya tried running a depmod -a lately?

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    Re: missing ppp module

    No, i havent tried the depmod -a command. This is where I have most of my problems. The commands that work with modules, and some of the other more mundane commands, I just havent had time to read up on or anything. I need to quit my job and just use linux all day. Or I need to get a job that will let me play with linux all day and then send me to linux training seminars every couple of months. I will try that when I get home. I did try the modprobe command but not with the -l. I tried modprobe ppp and it came back as missing the ppp modules. Its got to be a missing package somewhere.

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    Re: missing ppp module

    *Its got to be a missing package somewhere.
    thats is what i am thinking... do you use up2date?

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    Re: missing ppp module

    no, I am on a very slow dialup. Usually the max connection I get is around 26 or 28k. :'( I think I will try to reinstall the ppp rpm and see if that takes care of it. This is also probably why I had the problem with it not setting ppp as my default gateway when I would connect to the internet.

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